Why the name Wabash Junction?  Reading and Listening to the history of Stanberry we have learned the importance of the name Wabash in establishing Stanberry.  If not for the Wabash Railroad the town might never of been on the map.  The land of Stanberry was surveyed by Wabash engineers, and was even named by the president of Wabash Railroad.  From the begininng the name “Wabash” has played a significant role in Stanberry.  Early business like the Wabash Hotel were using the name Wabash.  The Mineral Springs were even named Wabash.  Finally the Rail car on the square was a significant part of our decision.  As you can see in our logo.  We really love our community and want to keep the history of our town alive.  So there you have it.  WABASH JUNCTION. 

What about the food?  Our food is locally raised by local farmers, prepared by trained chefs, and served by a friendly staff.  We spend a lot of time with farmers trying to ensure our food is as fresh as possible everyday.  Our menu changes constantly based off what we have available at the time.  Therefore you know when at Wabash Junction you can always get something new and it will be fresh every time. 


Katie was born and raised just outside of Stanberry in Conception Junction.  Jason grew up in a small town in Indiana.  Katie received two degrees, one in culinary arts and another in hospitality management from Johnson County Community College.  Jason attended St. Louis Community College for his degree in culinary arts then received his business management degree from San Francisco University.  Katie and Jason met when working as chefs at Brookridge Country Club in Kansas City.  They are very excited to be bringing their culinary talents to Stanberry and look forward to becoming a part of the community in many ways. 

We are located at 100 West 1st St. in Stanberry, MO

You may know Mike from his pharmacy (Family Health Mart Pharmacy).  Mike is a strong figure in our community and really cares about the well being of Stanberry. 





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